Free Skateboard Ramp Plans


Build a skateboard ramp

Whether you are looking for free plans to build a skateboard ramp or skate ramp, or need plans for a skateboard rack, you are in the right place.

We have many skateboard ramp plans to choose from. We even tell you how to build a skateboard. Choose a free plan from the categories on the left and start building!

Skateboard Ramps

Longing for a skatepark? Build your personal ramp! Skateboarding is a great sport to stay active and to make friends.
It is not expensive to build a ramp and will provide hours of fun. If you are a beginner to skateboarding, start with free bank plans.

Skateboard Ramp Plans

Looking for excitement? Then build a half pipe ramp. With a half pipe, you can achieve high speeds with a small amount of effort. Half pipes have been increasing in popularity.There are so many tricks that can be performed on a half pipe.

Free Skateboard Ramp Plans

Whether you are new to skateboarding or a skateboarding regular, a mini ramp is a great choice. A mini ramp is a smaller version of the half pipe. Build a mini skateboard ramp with these free plans before you move on to the half pipe.

Build a Skateboard

Want to build a skateboard? It's not hard and we tell you how to do it with free skateboard plans. Or if you are looking to build a skateboard rack to hold your many skateboards, here's free skateboard rack plans.

And don't stop there. We have all kinds of skateboard ramps for you to build. Just be sure to skate safe and to build safe. Don't cut corners when building a safe skateboard ramp. Now jump right in and build the skateboard ramp of your dreams!