Half Pipe Plans - Skateboard Ramp Plans

Half Pipe Plans

Easily one of the most iconic of all skateboard ramps, the half pipe ramp offers a high level of excitement.

The half pipe actually looks like a pipe that is laying on its side, cut in half.

The half pipe is the best piece of ramp if you intend to do high-speed maneuvering and tricks. Half pipes are bulky but worth it if you are looking for a long term investment. Choose from one of these free ramp plans below.

  • Skateboard Ramp Plans
    This ramp is pretty expensive, costing about $700 to build, but can be build in 20 hours.
  • Build a Modular Ramp
    Build this huge modular half-pipe in your backyard. The plans are kind of hard to find - click on the little doors at the bottom of the page to go forward and backward in the plans.
  • Vert Half Pipe Plans
    These are plans for an 8 foot vert half pipe. Step-by-step details for building.
  • Ramp Plans
    This is a download for building a half pipe. Detailed plans in a zip format.
  • Half Pipe Ramp Plans
    Blueprints for building a half pipe - no instructions, just the blueprints.


Half Pipe Plans