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Free Mini Ramp Plans

A skateboard mini ramp is basically a shorter version of the half pipe ramp. It does not move toward vertical in its slope and has extensions on both the sides for standing. It has a flat base and is shorter in length than a half pipe.

It's really fun when you start from the top of ramp sliding into the curves to jump off in the air. It is ideal for starters who want to get perfect before they move on to a half pipe. It can be placed indoors and is easy to move around. Here is a selection of mini ramp plans to get you started:

  • Mini Ramp Plans
    This is a mini ramp that can be moved easily because it is built in pieces.
  • Building Ramps
    Detailed plans for 3 different mini ramps - a 4 foot, a 5 foot and a 6 foot mini. There are even autocad templates to download if you so desire.