Quarter Pipe Plans - Skateboard Ramp Plans

Free Quarter Pipe Plans

A quarter pipe skating ramp offers a convenient option of practicing your moves daily. They are pretty simple in design and very easy to build. What's more, it can be transported around so easily, that it's a must have for every skateboarding fan.

You can also be little innovative and place two quarter pipes together back to back and double your fun as you launch off from one ramp and come back down on the other side. Here are some interesting plans for building a quarter pipe ramp.

  • Quarter pipe
    Nice diagrams along with instructions for building a 3 1/2 quarter pipe ramp.
  • Free ramp plans
    This quarter pipe won't take long to build. The author built it in 3 hours at a cost of $200.
  • Quarter Pipe Plans
    Plans only for building a quarter pipe ramp - no instructions so you are on your own!
  • How to Build
    Instructions and diagrams for making a quarter pipe ramp that would be great for the backyard.


Quarter Pipe Plans