Build Your Own Skateboard

Free Skateboard Plans

Build a Skateboard

Instead of opting to buy an expensive skateboard, you can now build one of your own. Building a skateboard is a fun activity. You just need a steady hand to build one.

Use a durable hardwood for building the deck for the skateboard. One of the most preferred materials for this purpose is maple. The height of a skate deck should be about 5.9” and the length should be 29” to 33” long. Cut your maple wood in the required dimension. You can also use a number of laminated maple sheets combined to build up height of the deck. The laminated sheet adds to the strength of the deck. About 8 to 9 layers of laminated maple sheets should be enough for this purpose. Glue all the layers and clamp them together. The deck then needs to sit for a day so that it will be strong.

Choose the length of your board carefully. A short deck is difficult to use, while a deck too long, is susceptible to breaking from the middle. Most of the decks are 30” ? 33” long.

All the boards should be rectangular in shape and curved and have rounded edges for easy maneuvering. The width should be accordingly proportionate, approx. 7 ? to 8 ?? inches wide. Sand off and smooth the edges.

Take grip tape and press it on the entire deck top while rolling out all the bubbles in the tape. You can paint the deck in some attractive or wild color.

Now comes the crucial part, the wheels. For this purpose, use trucks which are the axles for the wheels. Fit two trucks on the underside of the deck. Keep the axle width of the truck to 1/4th of the deck width. They should be placed in the center of the board. Screw holes of the truck and then add wheels. Always make sure that all wheels are of the same size as uniformity is important. After the wheels are attached, check for rolling resistance. It should be free and smooth. Wheels are made of urethane. A softer urethane is usually slower than the harder one.