Skateboard Rack Plans

Build a Skateboard Rack with Free Plans

Build a perfect custom place to store your skateboards with one of the plans below.

  • Build A Skateboard Rack
    This skateboard rack stands on its own in a garage, bedroom, mudroom or storage shed. Keep skateboards off the floor by building a rack using this easy to follow step by step plan.
  • Wall Mounted Rack
    Here are step by step instructions on building a skateboard rack that can be easily mounted to a wall. This rack holds up to five skateboards and the plan allows you to make it hold more or less skateboards, depending on your needs.
  • Tall Skateboard Rack
    This video will show you how to take two 6 ft. x 3 inch pieces of wood and make an awesome skateboard rack. Mounted on the wall this rack can hold over eight skateboards and the art work on the bottom of each board really stands out!
  • Skateboard Rack Plan
    Build a rack that will help keep your skateboard up and off the floor and ready to go. This project has 7 steps to help you build a strong and sturdy skateboard rack that can be easily painted to match your bedroom.